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05.10: WCG 2007 mit UT2007?...
13.08: ESL stellt einen Tei...
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24.03: ethernasports CL...
05.03: UT2004 nicht tot!...


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unrealLegacy.de - Unreal Tournament 3 und mehr...

wayFINDER.de - Das SpieleSeitenVerzeichnis von Gamern fuer Gamer...


Bungie.de - Halo Universe


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 clans :: UT2003

tag clan-name info
Morbid-Fear info
ShadowWarriors info
NRG info
<PSY> PSY info
)n( Nuppla info
*PDI* Project: Dark Immortal info
-=(MK$)=- -=(MK$)=- | Mighty Kin Ship info
-=[C+MK]=- Cruel 'n' Merciless Killaz info
-]D$C° Dark $hadows Clan info
-{HTC}- H-TOWN info
2.2.05 Timbreaker in only/and sure in single play info
::MoS:: Masters of Spam info
NSC Clan info
Incomptent-crew info
=/\= The A-Team info
=:[GoD]:= GoD´s of Death info
=TDF= TheDeathFighters info
=TkS= The Kings info
=}SOAD{= System Of a Down info
aim^ association of onvincible material info
bM| Biomechanoids info
cXr corXers info
E$| EliTe$p0Rtz info
FTK][ Fight to Kill info
H.D.T. Hauch des Todes info
OfB only for beginner info
O|D Ordinis-Deus info
pYro pYronix info
tGS* The German Soul´s info
TRS| the Rebel Soldiers info
ut2k3F| UT2k3Freaks info
xC xatrix Crew info
x` x`cessive info
zYme` zYme - online gaming info
[] Killaz-of-Nightmare info
[>X Unreal Tournament X Clan info
[AX] AsylumExilers info
[b4] battle4 info
[BBF] Blood Bath Family info
[bc] Bloodcult info
[BDE] Black Dragon Elite [BDE] info
[BD] Burning-Death info
[BiUT] Born in UT info
[crs] cheers info
[C|C] CyberCore info
[D:F] Destination: Firestorm info
[G.o.D]jordan the god [G.o.D] gods of darkness info
[GAP] GSUS and Pals info
[I-M-T] Immortales info
[IoD] [IoD] Instruments of Death info
[moetsch] MOETSCH info
[MoSq] Mod Squad info
[nRL] noRealLife info
[NWO] Natural Wrecking Occurance info
[POi] Presidents Of Instaland info
[RG] -refused- info
[RoCK] Radical organized Camper Killers info
[TdW] The Dark Wolfs info
[TFM] The FIghter Machines info
[TIB] The Icebreakers info
[TNT]-* The New Terminators info
[UpD] United Player of Destruction info
[VSG] Vereinte-Sniper-Gemeinde info
[W.H.Y] We Hunt You info
]A[ Apokalypse info
]B2K[ Born²Kill info
{-=W=-} WoRsHiPpErZ info
{-=W=-} WoRsHiPpErZ info
{=\w/=} WoRsHiPpErZ info
{HSC} Holy-Shit-Clan info
|>SyS SystemShock info
|cRoNiC| cRoNiC info
|FAT| First Aid Troopers info
|sD| Sturdy Damnation info
|VGC| Virtual Gaming Community info
¦[(si¢)]¦ wElcOmE tO tHe wOrLd oF tHe s¢hIzOpHrEnI¢ ¦[(si¢)]¦kNeSS info
°SL° SchwarzeLegion info
·mod· Master of Disaster info
»SD» Symphony of Destruction info