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UnrealEngine  Devastation Interview&Screenshots   lara 14.10.2002
text (short)
Heute gibt es auch mal wieder was zum Unreal Engine Game Devastation. Gamersclick.com hatte die Gelgenheit den Producer/Designer Vic DeLeon von Devastation zu interviewen. Ausserdem findet ihr dort auch noch 3 neue "im Spiel" -Shots.

text (long)
GamersClick: Why did you decide to go with the Unreal Engine?

Vic DeLeon: Digitalo has been developing with it since 1997, and this is the fifth Unreal-powered project we've worked on. We looked at other engines before we started developing Devastation but the Unreal Engine was the one that was best suited for this particular project. It's no surprise given the kinds of crazy things the Devastation game design called for: Incredible visuals- We needed support for our extremely detailed levels, including all the real-world style interaction within them like kicking, throwing, breaking etc; Lifelike Bot AI- The engine has an excellent AI basis, with flexibility to expand upon, allowing us to design very intelligent and lifelike opponents; Ease of use- the engine's ability to be easily and quickly modified and enhanced in so many ways that I can't even start to list them here. Not only did it allow us to make a lot of changes we wanted, but it will be a pleasure for mod teams to work with as well.

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