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Mods  The Third Reich 1.2 Infos   lara 20.02.2003
text (short)
Logo des The Third Reich ModsDas The Third Reich Mod Team hat sich mit einem kleinen Status zur kommenden Version 1.2 gemeldet:

-View bob is now according to position
and speed, different from UT default
-Breathing sounds work correctly now
New scoreboad
-Death messages only go to killed and killer
-Suicides count as TKs
-New menu background
-"News" tab in server browser now goes to our site

Weiter get es unter SHOW MORE.

text (long)
Sprinting now takes up more stamina, prone/crouching allows you to rebuild stamina slowly now
Removed "double bandaging"
Increased volume of sound when shells hit the ground
Added toggle crouch key
Removed UT-only keys in keybind setup menu, reorganized key list
djusted how player info is displayed on the server browser
Added a respawn timer on the HUD for dead players
Started on making bots work with objectives
Teamkilling messages are now big, center screen and red
Steil grenade "PullChord" animation added
Fixed a bug that caused you to fall prone while bandaging
Netcode improvements regarding environmental conditions
To start bleeding you now must first sustain a serious wound, damage of 30 or greater
You can now press any key to go to the menu when the game starts, message saying so pops up
UT logo popping up between map changes switched to TTR one

And here's the "TODO" list for v1.2:

Shave a meg off the files by removing unused explosion textures in TTR_Data
Make players sorted by score
Add team scores somewhere
Add close button, server info button maybe?
Redo server info screen to menu system
Get sound for when the cord is pulled on the steil
Add victory music

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