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Mods  The Third Reich 1.1 Linux/Mac   lara 02.02.2003
text (short)
Nach der Windows Version wurden nun auch die Linux und die Mac Versionen von The Third Reich 1.1 veröffentlicht. Die Liste der vielen Neuerungen und Bugfixes findet ihr nochmal unter SHOW MORE.

text (long)
Bug fixes:

A bug that prevents players from joining the game, and effectively freezing the server, has been fixed
A bug that causes the majority of crashes in an online game has been fixed
Log file size has been reduced dramatically
The hitbox while prone has been fixed
Players no longer see the location of other players in the scoreboard
Fixed a bug that allowed the player to strafe and fire an automatic weapon while aiming as long as the gun was still firing
Fixed a bug that prevented the transport doors in The Longest Day from opening in the second round
The online "clipping bug"/relevancy bug has been fixed
Underwater bandaging bugs fixed
You can no longer go prone and fall through decos, crates etc.
Behindview now only works online when cheats are enabled
Player names should now show correctly in the server browser
Planes now work better online


Server browser now updates instantly, no more waiting for servers to appear
Bullet hit effects have been improved
The gun is now "closer" to the screen when aimed so the sights are much more effective
Hipshots will no longer always go to the center of the screen
Weapon "waiver" will now be based on postion, stamina and amount of damage to the arms.
You now have to grab ladders to use them
Document/Enigma Machine goals now reset after a map-specific amount of time if they are dropped or destroyed by a mover
MKII grenade anims/model has been improved
Added new grenade sounds when a player throws a grenade or the clip pops off
3rd person player animations for aimed/hipped weapons have been added, including bincoulars
Many other animation/model tweaks

New stuff:

New explosion effects for the grenades and airstrikes
Grenades now drop from your hands when you die
Added a new airplane, the Ju87 Stuka
At least 3 new maps including 2 team maps: MarketGarden and HimmelsFahrt
Cameras for the end of the game, a la UT Assault, added to all maps.
Spawn camping prevention measures added to all maps. Spawncampers are now injured if they are in the spawn areas.
Team-killing players are now kicked after a definable number of TK's. Default is 4.
Added a suicide keybind
Added new flip up sight for BAR

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