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Editing  Neues von Mark Rein...   schwenker 01.08.2002
text (short)
Mark Rein leistet zur Zeit in Sachen Community ganze Arbeit ! Mit der Zeit lassen sich ihm auch immer mehr Infos entlocken !

So hat M.Rein heute in einem Forenthread auf 12 Fragen eines Users geantwortet und somit einige Spekulationen beendet.

Außerdem hat er eine kleine Liste veröffentlich, in der Dinge aufgeführt werden, die zur Zeit noch nicht so sehr rund laufen was UT 2003 anbelangt ! Sind einige ganz amüsante Punkte dabei !

Beides findet ihr hier unter show more oder natürlich über die Links rechts !

text (long)
12 Fragen :

1) How much the A.I is good in the game about the team work?

Steve Polge says that the AI in UT2003 is significantly better than that of UT. One behaviour he pointed out to me as an example was that smarter bots would make much better of the translocator than they did in UT.

2) How did you mange that the game will work on 90% of the owners of VOODOO3 & VOODOO5 , after all the game GTA3 does not work on it & UT2K3 is a lot better.

There is NO guarantee that 90% of the owners of V3 and V5 will be able to play the game. In the case of V3 they're going to need an otherwise decent system to be able to get good framerates but we tested on a 1Ghz off-the-shelf system (Dell) and got playable framerates. We think the point of getting the game to run on Voodoo3 is more about making sure people can see what the game is like and hopefully then want to upgrade rather than seeing it as a final solution. Voodoo5 is a MUCH faster card and actually stands up quite well against much newer GeForce 4 MX cards which actually aren't as fast as it in terms of fillrate but are helped by their hardware transform and lighting.

3) What is more powerful , the redeemr or the ion canon? And why?

Hard to say. They are somewhat different. The Ion Cannon requires you to stand in one place and hold the weapon on a single spot. With the Redeemer you could actually run around the level with it and shoot it off whenever you wanted. Both are classed as "super" weapons and do a ton of damage.

4) How will the S.P will be managed? Will it be like in ut with the hall of champions? If not so how?

Yes, there is a ladder similar to the original game.

5) How good is the code network in the M.P?

According to Steve Polge our network bandwidth usage is more optimized in UT2003 so it should be better.

6) Do you expect that UT2K3 will sell more than ut (more than 3 million)? And why?

I don't like to predict sales numbers. I personally think this is a better game than UT and I have high expectations for it but do I think it's going to do 3 million? I have no idea. But I can say that I didn't think the original game was going to do as well as it did either.

7) When I pre-ordered my copy of UT2K3 they said it will be send to me in the 9/27/2002 , is that right? Like Amazon.

We have no idea when the game will be done and shipped to retailers. Could it be in your hands by then? It is not impossible but we really DO NOT KNOW. There are a lot of things that need to be done before we can ship the game including getting the demo out to people and see the feedback from it. We'll have a much better idea how much is left after that happens.

8 ) When I pre-ordered my copy of UT2K3 they said to me it will be sold world wide and not only in the U.S first , is it true?

That is the plan but when dealing with multiple territories you're also dealing with multiple manufacturing and distribution points. It is entirely possible that one territory is more efficient at building and shipping the game than another so no promises can be made. But we plan to deliver all of the versions at the same time. We also plan to ship the demo with support for all the languages we're going to ship in the initial retail launch. Players should either be able to choose their language at the install or the game will recognize their language setting in Windows and adapt. I'm not sure which approach we'll end up taking.

9) What do you think is the biggest advantage of UT2K3 compare to the other games we saw before?

That's a very general question that would take a long time to answer properly. Let me just say that *I* like this game a lot more than the previous games we've done. It just has more "feel" to it. Digital Extremes has done an awesome job with the content, the weapons, the game modes. I just really, really love playing this game.

10) What the demo should include for releasing ? And when it should happen?

I've covered this before. We're planning to ship 4-5 maps. I believe we're talking about 2 DM maps, 1 BR maps and one DD map.

11) Will you read all the feedbacks of bugs in the demo? And who can send a feedback and how?

There will be instructions with the demo on how to submit feedback plus if the game crashes there will be a way to auto-submit a bug report with the crash log.

12) How fast will the new power-ups will be finished in the game? And why?

I didn't understand this question. Sorry.

Was nicht ganz so rund läuft...

  • The whole underlying code for the menu system is being redone... which means that weapon priority is broken so you run by sniper rifle and even thoughyou've set it to a low priority it gets picked up and you switch to it -- ANNOYING!
  • There seem to be a lot of little burbs and pauses when new things appear on the screen
  • The minigun alt-fire is still useless and needs to be made stronger
  • You still don't get enough ammo for the default weapon
  • None of the detail settings work (menu related) right now so you turn player shadows off and they're still on (argh!)
  • The alt-fire on the link gun is laggy in low-gravity levels
  • We NEED hud-damage indicators, I still can't tell where I'm getting hit from
  • In one of the BR (Bombing Run) maps both goals appear to be red when one should be blue and one should be red (they still work but colors are messed up)
  • That's just a small list of little things that need to be fixed still

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