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TacticalOps  Europ. Retail-Version + Patch   schwenker 03.07.2002
text (short)
In einem Foren-Post von "Shag" ( Leader des TO-Teams und der Kamehan Studios ) ist zu lesen, dass die europäische Retail-Version nun endlich den Gold-Status erreicht hat und in Produktion geht. Mit einem Release ist Laut Shag im August ( gegen Ende ) zu rechnen (laut amazon.de immer noch der 22.08.02)

Kurz nach dem Erscheinen der Retail-Version soll auch der nächste Patch fällig sein (der dann alle 3 Versionen, also US-, EU- und Download-Version, auf die Versoin 3.3.0 bringen wird), an dem zur Zeit hart gearbeitet wird ( zur Zeit an neuen Mündungsfeuern, wie Shag schreibt, da dies extrem viel Performance verbraucht hat ).

Und nochwas haben wir für euch : Shag hat in diesem Thread eine Liste der Änderungen der internen Release-Version 3.2.1 gegenüber der jetzigen offiziellen Version 3.1.5 gepostet. Unter mehr könnt ihr sie euch durchlesen, es sind einige interessante Dinge dabei !

text (long)
Änderungen von 3.2.1 gegenüber 3.1.5 :

version 3.2.1 will be released to the team in a few days.

Since version 3.1.5

# Added
- When a match has ended, scoreboard will be shown for 13 seconds instead of 3 (default value). Edit the "RestartWait" key in TacticalOps.ini to change it.
- PlayersBalanceTeam and BalanceTeam options are back. PlayersBalanceTeam forces players to even up teams, while BalanceTeam affects bots.
- Identify info now displays hostages and enemies' names (enemies have a 1.5 seconds delay).
- Damage Mutators hook re-introduced.

# Changed
- Setting Gore option to "Reduced" or "Ultra low" will disable bloodtrails. It's now possible to fully disable blood in-game.
- When a server has "PlayersTeamBalance" enabled, only the "Random Team" button will be available when joining a game.
- SpeechBinder removed because not working properly.
- TeamSelectMenu: Team page no longer displayed in practice sessions (pointless), exit button removed in ExitGame menu.
- Random Team button selects the smallest team, if teams are equal, a random team will be picked instead of (always) terrorists.
- Tweaked weapon firing volume in-game.
- Scoreboard: Admins are now displayed in green, and Location string is not displayed for dead people.
- Walking doesn't produce any footsteps sounds.
- Weapon Sounds updated.
- New 3rd person view muzzle flashes included. Fixes the heavy lag at close range of the previous ones.

# Fixed
- Scoreboard sometimes crashing the game at map change.
- Players joining from UT crashing servers. Players will be rejected instead.
- Various cheats fixed (skin, money, buyzone, flash, recoil...)
- "Return to game" or "Context help" options making in-game GUI disapear.
- Selling NightVision while it's active made it impossible to deactivate it.
- Minimizing the game and quitting it ended up in a crash.
- Money clipping problem fixed. Maximum money carried is set to $20000.
- Sometimes bots cannot defuse C4, leaving it "locked", and players couldn't defuse it.
- NightVision not reset when using AdminReset.
- While spectating screen could be stuck in a weird rotation angle.
- Picking up weapons from players (or viewing them) using the "hidden weapon" option made them appear centered on screen.
- Messages not visible behing GUI (use "modulated" rendering option).
- Player location not displayed when using TeamSay, Name not greyed when dead.

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