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UnrealEngine  Interview zum Spiel Devastation   JeDiDrAko 18.07.2002
text (short)
Zum auf der UnrealEngine basierenden Spiel "Devastation", dass DeusEx ähnelt, gibt es nun ein ausführliches Interview mit den Machern des Spiels.
Unter show more gibt es einen Auszug aus dem Interview von Homelanfed.
Über unseren Link kommt ihr aber auch direkt hin.

text (long)
HomeLAN - Why should everyone reading this be excited about Devastation? Can you give us any details now?

....The single player game is just freaking amazing. It plunges players into the world with a degree of exploration and interaction, mixed with instant doses of action and frenzied close-quarters combat action. All this happens in a tutorial-esque kind of atmosphere; however there's no drill sergeant or hologram talking to you, and there's no obstacle course or pipes to crawl through. It's a "get your hands dirty and learn as-you-go" situation for the first few levels. You start the game off with a gun in your hand, and a bounty on your head the very first instant - we like that you don't have to wait around to kick some ass.

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