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Mods  Deathball 1.7 erschienen!   lara 29.06.2003
text (short)
Deathball Beta 1.7Nach einigen Beta Version folgte nun das offizielle Release der Version 1.7. Mit dabei sind neben Bugfixes, auch wieder jede Menge Gameplayverbesserungen und auch der neue Tennis Mod.... Was genau geändert wurde gibt es- wie immer- unter show more

text (long)
Now the normal Deathball Changes:
-New weapon added, time after catching until you can shoot from 0.25s down to 0.1s.
-Increase friendly boost range to 250uu (from 200), so you don't have to be too close to friends to boost.
-Sprint is now client side. So when you release sprint you can jump immediately without waiting for your ping. Sprint code completely redone.
-Self Volley Latency from 0s to 1s (this prevents what you all call "n00b cannon").
-FriendlyVolleyPower, DeadVolleyPower & EnemyVolleyPower in enemy half: all 3 from 2000 down to 1800
-Volleypower now depending on your ground speed. So when you are running towards the ball and volley it, your speed will be added to the volley (so with sprint you get up to 2400, with normal run speed up to ~2200, but in a serious match you will hardly be able to pull these off, so most will be 1800, so this makes spamming more skill based).
-KeeperVolleyLatency from 0.6s down to 0.53s
-Fixed: Running over the ball with held alt fire button, you went throught it.
-Keeper has 4 jumps again.
-Keeper can only perform one multijump after dodging.
-Now you have 4 jumps after leaving keeper (it was 2 before due to a bug).
-Now you have 4 jumps after spawning, you only had 2 due to a UT2k3 bug which was annoying when someone boosted you and you didn't get very far.
-Power of pass without target decreased to 90%
-When receiving ball while flying thru the air you immediately lose all remaining jumps and you slow down (only after being boosted by a teammate), to prevent the boosttrick, aka 'witch flying on broomstick thru the map catching ball in midair and scoring'.
-Boostpower on teammates reduced to 80%
-Keeperzones are unnecessary now, the penalty zone is doing exactly the same as the k-zone did before (so keeper in whole pen zone, always). When you are keeper, leave pen zone, some teammate inside will turn into the keeper, but when the old keeper returns within 5 seconds he will be keeper again.
-Overpowered (and shake-) shots have only 70% power.
-Jumping doesn't remove stamina anymore.

-Spectator cameras added to all maps; these cameras follow the ball automatically; there are 2-4 in each map (9 in cube); you can toggle between them with Alt Fire, and toggle between player and ball cameras with Fire. Zoom in and out with "forward" and "backward". In the settings under controls you can set key's to select certain cams.
-Using new sound effects for shooting, catching, powering up (thanks to Toxeen).
-Removed startup nvidia pimp map, was so annoying to see it everytime you join.
-Go check the 'controls' tab in the settings menu (only available if you start with UT2003.exe -mainmenu=deathball.db_mainmenu), you can set certain DB-specific keys.
-Spectators now have a radar (only in camera and player view)
-Bots now stay keeper.
-Stats system changed: no more points, detailed stats for goals, passes, interceptions, volleys etc etc! Players now sorted by join time.
-Added an option to "only allow volley goals" and additionally you can select that self-volley's don't count, which I suggest, because it puts more emphasize on teamwork and egomaniacs can't do anything...(If there is only one player on a team he can do self-volleys tho)
-Added option "Impede ballcarrier". The ball owner can't move when this is on. (Mainly to train volleys and teamwork).
-Time stopped during celebration phase.
-Allow boosting teammates in celeb phase.
-Added DB specific rules to F2 screen and to server window (in server browser), so you know the server settings before you join (if sprint is on, only volleys etc).
-Server UT2k3 version number also shown in the F2 list (and in server browser)
-Added option for practice mode: Goals don't count, it just goes on.
-"Ready" and "Not Ready" is now red and green in scoreboard.
-Sprint and powerup bar are now fading from green to red.
-"redsay" and "bluesay" command added, to talk to a certain team as spectator (if you are a team's coach for example).
-Antispam system added. All bind kids will now be fawked. Saying the same thing (in "say") more than 1 time in 5 seconds will be considered as spam, you get banned from talking for 30 seconds. In teamsay you can spam as much as you want.
-Ball high now showing in BOTH radars and in METERS instead of units. We will make this free configurable, so you can choose between meters, feet and unreal units (or something else you request).
-When you are typing other's now see a speech bubble over your head.
-Added award system to F3, just have a look.
-Added Team comparison to F3, comparing the 2 teams in some points.
-Added a new sound when you catch the ball. Only YOU can hear that one, so you do not any more confuse your catch sound with the one of a player that's right next to you (you know..., he catches it and you think it was you...) Also made ball icon move from middle to its place when you get the ball.
-Changed beacon color of targeted player.
-"Get rid of ball in" sound came too early, now it plays right before the countdown starts, NOT right after you caught the ball
-The whole team now hears the countdown, not only the ballowner
-"Get rid of ball in ..." stuff removed during celebration phase
-Number of remaining multijumps shown in your hud.
-Number of teammate's remaining multijumps shown next to their name.
-configurable lockon radius (it's in the options but was not working)
-Shortname working (use "setshortname <name>" to set it ingame, otherwise use the menu, it supports up to 7 characters, I can't imagine anyone need's more since most people are called with 3 or 4 chars in irc etc.)
-You can now see all spectators by typing "showspectators" in the console, type it again to get back (OR use a bind for it, can be set in Settings->Controls)
-Distance from which you hear powerup sound lowered
-Post and crossbar hits are counted in the stats
-Removed "welcome to deathball" sound and put it to the startmenu.
-Blue radar objects brighter (can better be seen).
-Keeper code changed: When player 1 is keeper, 2 is in pen zone. 1 leaves pen zone, it takes 3 seconds until 2 becomes keeper. If he is keeper, but 1 joins again before 5 seconds have passed after he left keeper, he will turn into keeper again. (Confusing, eh?)

-Added penalty spots to all maps for future use.
-DB-Cube: Redone! Added post and crossbar sound (when ball hits it); added a few antiportals =>slightly better performance in some situations, Startpoint placement changed, added Scoredboard, Detail settings = don't wonder when you don't see anything in "normal detail" mode, you only get spectators, the scoreboard and all the stuff in higher detail modes. Radar Graphic changed. Added Ad's to it. Posts rounded off, hard to get stuck on em now.
-DB-Lowcube: Other walltexture, ball can fly higher before it gets reset, added some wind sounds, added post and crossbar sound (when ball hits it), Startpoint placement changed, added some environment to the map, added rocks surrounding the pitch (can be turned off by setting details to "normal")
-DB-Smallcube, added post sounds; Posts rounded off, hard to get stuck on em now.
-DB-Trainingcourt, added post sounds
-DB-Greenbaize by RevBillyG added
-DB-Icedemon by Stephen added
-DB-Curve, shorter; post sounds added
-DB-Tribun, Bigger pitch, penalty zone has Cube-size; post sounds added => all in all less spammy, less luck dependend
-DB-November, post sounds added, startpoint placement slightly changed
-DB-Chill, now has detail settings (normal detail = pretty empty), jumppads can be seen on radar, penalty zone bigger, post sounds added
-DB-Legofan, post sounds

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