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Mods  Frag.Ops Patch v1.37   Dreadnought 16.06.2004
text (short)
Ein neuer Patch für die beliebte Mod Frag.Ops ist verfügbar. Die neue Version 1.37 bringt unter anderem eine neue Waffe, neue Skins und neue Maps mit sich. Eine Liste aller Änderungen und Fixes findet ihr unter <show more>.
Der Patch liegt natürlich für Mac/Linux als auch für Win32 vor und wiegt ca. 125MB. Die v1.37 FullInstall ist 380MB groß.
Zahlreiche Downloadmirrors findet ihr hier oder ihr ladet ihn euch hier bei uns runter!

text (long)
- Added unique grenade weighting
- Added BuyAmmoPrimary and BuyAmmoSidearm binds
- Added brand new SWAT and Mercenary female models, 6 configurations each
- Added one mercenary skin
- Added color-coded team bands on model skins
- Added FN P90 submachine gun + 2 attachments
- Added all-new laser projectors to weapons, tracked by the server so
they're "what you see is what you get." Players will see your laser
on their first person weapon so be careful! Lasers also offer a 10%
range bonus when activated. Note that lasers are now bound to SpecialFire.
- Added 5 new maps
- Added easter egg reward. Good luck!
- Added trait system
- Added 12 unique and balanced traits
- Added some nice new bullet hit effects based on WoEHitEffects

- Improved smoke spread/coloration in smoke grenades
- Swings must now be done individually on machete
- Right-clicking armor in buymenu when damaged now switches to "repair"
for quick access. Otherwise it backscrolls through the choices

- M4 Comanche had strangely low damage, now beefed appropriately
- Swapped M4 muzzle flash with new texture
- Changed metallic-sounding dead body impacts
- Slightly reduced range/dmg on knives/machete
- Reduced poison dmg by 2 points per choke
- You can no longer get the Army Cross and Silver Star in the first round
- Laser range bonus is now 10%
- Super90 received some skin tweaks
- Machine Pistol recoil increased 8%
- Headshot, foot/hand damage raised
- Players who change teams/skins in preround no longer drop weapons
- Overall recoil raised by 5%
- Adjusted several player movement animation speeds
- Disabled annoying 2k4 speedhack code
- Removed two obsolete female models
- Disabled voting controls for spectators/non-players
- Smoke grenades take a lot of hits now

- Fixed lingering smoke emitter in smoke grenades
- Fixed scoped M4 being shown in weapon settings
- Fixed odd weapon jitter
- Fixed several akimbo problems
- Fixed "unable to switch weapons"
- Fixed wrong ping reporting
- Fixed swapped arm models on M4
- Fixed map/player vote controls disabled
- Fixed voice chat
- Fixed objectives not responding to interaction
- Fixed owned weapon attachments not showing up in buymenu
- Fixed incorrect gametype preview image in host game
- Fixed UT2004 gametypes selectable in server browser
- Fixed needing to double click past the X for grenades in buymenu
- Fixed "gun plays animations and sounds but no bullets come out"
- Fixed odd positioning when choosing weapon hands
- Fixed underhand smoke grenades not smoking
- Fixed accessed none in Dead state
- Fixed accessed none in JustJoined state
- Fixed accessed none in StartRound
- Fixed accessed none in botmatch accesscontrol
- Fixed array out of bounds warnings in FillPlayInfo
- Fixed a taclight replication problem leftover from 2k4 port
- Fixed crosshair selection issues
- Fixed disabled friendly fire controls in game rules
- Fixed game not recognizing female characters as female
- Fixed camera jitter
- Fixed weapons that have 0 ammo can't be thrown
- Fixed buymenu/teammenu GPF's
- Fixed HUD incompatibilities with some UT2004 settings
- Fixed "ghost menu" when joining maps
- Fixed Ultra90 could be fired while reloading
- Fixed missing polygons in USP and DE models
- Fixed missing mercenary arm on DE and USP
- Fixed unable to sprint with primed grenades
- Fixed eternal flash ringing sound after round ends
- Hopefully fixed oddly rotated ghost cam

- Added MIS-TrainingArena
- Added MIS-Alcatraz
- Added MIS-BarnyardEscape
- Added MIS-DownTownBank
- Added MIS-TrainStation

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