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Mods  Neues von Chaos UT   Doomh 22.02.2004
text (short)
Auch bie Chaos UT tut sich was. So gibt es neue Screenshots zu bewundern, 2 neue Mitglieder verstärken nun das Team, auf UnrealOps.com gibt es ein Interview und unter Show more könnt ihr das Changelog der aktuellen IR einsehen.

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Here's the latest changelog:


* Fixed CPPAttachment bug - muzzleflash now occurs where it should
* Fixed bug with flash nades that caused your flash effect to not reset if you get flashed while you were flashed
* Some rather significant changes to the mug's flame effects
* Changed mace fire rate to 1.0 for Heavy and medium stances
* Fixed issue where a recharging gravbelt was not being 'reset' correctly inbetween rounds in team based games (Ie BR)
* Added a check to prevent GB Charge from being more than 2 minutes
* Added a tweak to force the Naplam Fire and Poison Cloud damage to be destroyed when in the middle of Duel rounds so the next round it starts no one is caught by these lingering, note I left the effects
* Added in a check to the grapple when it was pulling you to not let you go more than 3000 units away from the hook, if you do, you go into the pulling/hanging state (ie you stop)
* Tweaked BOT AI in DOC so they wonder a bit around the DOC Obj
* Tweaked the proxy HUD to remove the view of the proxy (if you looked straight down you could see the bottom part of the proxy you were controlling)
* Bumbed up the collision radius for the proxies when player controlled and that seemed to fix the clipping issue
* Tweak the Duel Hud to better handle for OT cases
* Tweak the Duel Scoreboard so when in OT (it removes the spacings)
* Added in new blockingrange var to the Melee Attachments
* Tweaked ChaosXpawn class to allow it to avoid playing the hurt animation if it was swing a melee weapon
* Changed the Cutter Attacment to play rapid fire animation
* Added new mesh for CPP shell
* Altered DoC gasman attack (toned down)
* Added respawn delay to DoC (currently set at (4 + 2 * Deaths) seconds)
* Added bExtermination option to DoC. If true, the game will be lost if all players are dead at the same time]


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