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Allgemein  U1 Security-Mod: Kerberos   Dreadnought 17.07.2004
text (short)
Wer seinen Unreal 1-Server schützen möchte, der kann das nun mit dem neuen Kerberos-Mod:
Kerberos is a server-side mod able to detect and automatically block DoS and DDoS attacks, with a couple of other neat features Due to the lack of support from Epic and UTPG, we decided to create this tool to protect the remaining U1 servers from the constant malicious attacks.

Eine Feature-Liste findet ihr unter <show more>.

text (long)
* Mutator solution: it can be combined with any game type and any other server mods running simultaneously.
* Pure server-side mod: the client does NOT need to download anything nor does even know that there's a security running.
* Ban list may ban IP or IP range.
* Ban blocks a client before PreLogin, so banned clients can't even download stuff from server and thus causing lag.
* Bans may block the client's server query as well so the server becomes invisible to the banned client.
* Automatic logging of IPs and names (IP ranges supported too).
* Special handling for DoS attacks (fast query attack + fast connect attack), which result in automatic ban.
* Special handling for DDoS attacks (fast query attack + fast connect attack), which result in a temporary block of all new connections.
* Special handling for multiple fast logins, resulting in a DoS attacks and thus in automatic ban.
* Remote admin control.
* Fixed UDP server query mod to block DoS request on server's query port.
* Logging of banned login requests and/or query requests.
* Additional server rules to display at advanced game clients (GameSpy, QTracker).
* Player rules may report bots, spectators and cameras additional to real players.
* Auto-closing multiple connections to same player to avoid server lag with reconnecting fast client computers.
* Server->client download maybe disabled completely or partly (restricted by max. package size) during game play.

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