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31.08: Patch 1.8 Arbeiten!...
07.05: TO: Crossfire 1.7 re...
05.05: TO: Crossfire 1.7...
25.04: TO:C OBJ-Deluge...
15.04: 1.7 Patch Changelog...


TO: Crossfire - euer Eindruck ?

Einfach nur genial!

Zufriedenstellend ...

Nichts Besonderes!


Ich spiel lieber TO:AoT!

Ich spiel kein TO mehr!

Ich habe TO noch nie gemocht!

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TO:Crossfire  TO: Crossfire 1.7 released...   maverick 07.05.2007
text (short)
So, nun ist es (nach unzaehligen Ankündigungen) endlich soweit, TO: Crossfire 1.7 steht zum Download bereit. Die Liste der Änderungen ist lang (siehe "show more").

Zum Release gibt es dann auch noch passend einen neuen Wallpaper (in 3 Variationen)...

text (long)
Change Log TO:C 1.7

// Bugs - Tweaks

Fixed 'cornerbug'
Fixed closing buymenu
Increased information passed through to allow better hit effect control and fix online synch issues
Improved network performance
Fixed weapon empty click sounds for several weapons
Tuned sound levels on ingame sounds (footsteps, impacts, nade bounces)
Improved and optimised smoke effects
Fixed broken glass triggers
Fixed items appearing when first coming into view
Improved animation system, removed exploit
Tweaked karma deaths
Changed LOShearing to false, fixing 3d sound occlusion
Last few sound placement issues fixed
Fixed crash when exiting the game
Fixed startmatch feature (Money not shown correct after reset)

// Adds - Improvements

Added feature; colored weaponbar, normal, reloading and empty
Added knife and bomb icons to the weaponbar
Added weapon text onscreen with fadeout feature
Added multiple taunt animations
Added optional alternative death messages
Added option to disable alternative death messages
Improved surface impact effects
Improved muzzlesmoke
Improved character setup code, included support for extended features
Improved playermodel LOD meshes
Added 'SellAllWeapons' command
Added a maplist to tocmenu
Made more options scalable
Added further default resolutions for modern monitors
added HUD Options Tab to the tocmenu to configure the Weaponbar
Improved Serverinfo (F2=activateguitab serverinfo) now copy the server IP adress to the clipboard

// Cheatprotection

Added integrated cheat protection, package security and exploit blocking

// Gameplay tweaks

Improved movement acceleration and aircontrol for a smoother feeling
Improved player damage system
Improved recoil penalty system
Reduced nade damage radius/killzone
Added 'Edge fall Control' as an option to the game settings

// Weapons

Tweaked weapon handling
Tweaked/improved sniper behaviour
Improved fire animation for the Steyr Aug
Added brand new Raging Bull animations
Added brand new animations for the AK47
Changed AK47 reload speed
Added tracers to the Galil and FAMAS
Improved multiple weapon fire sounds for a more powerful feel
Tweaked grenade fuse time

// Playermodels

Added the new Terror Street model
Added the new SF Heavy model
Improved rig on hands for Terror street model
Decreased player model brightness

// Maps

Added new map OBJ-Blink
Added new map OBJ-Deluge
Updated OBJ-Avion
Updated OBJ-Bushido
Updated OBJ-CaspianSea
Updated OBJ-Dagger
Updated OBJ-Infernum
Updated OBJ-Province
Updated OBJ-Rage
Updated OBJ-Richelieu
Updated OBJ-Salsa

// Admin

General admin improvements
Changed semi and masteradmin login
Added semi and masteradmin privilegs through the webadmin
Admin switchteam now switch the player with all his equipment(only at the end- and preround duration not during the game)
Added 'SwitchClan' command
Added a 'make teams' function
Changed startmatch countdown and order of commands

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