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UnrealEngine  UC2: Upgrade 1   lara 27.07.2005
text (short)
Scott Bigwood hat details zum Unreal Championship 2 - Upgrade 1 bekannt gegeben:

Gameplay changes:
Fixed team kills being counted for Weapon Master
Fixed winning a TDM round by the Weapon Master bonus causing it to count as two rounds won instead of one
Fixed issue where if a player was standing on the enemy flag base and a teammate captured the flag to win the round, the flag would get into an invalid state

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text (long)
Fixed the extremely rare sniper rifle freeze
Added the ability to play DM on Overdose maps
Unlocked downloadable maps CTF-Monoxide and DM-Sever
Unlocked downloadble 'alt' characters Apophis, Calypso, Jackhammer, Judas, Kraag, Syzygy. When highlighting a character for play, hit (X) to swap to their alternate character.
Fixed issue with lightest characters using a slower speed.
Graphical changes:
Fixed "Loading" text being outside the safe zone for the second splitscreen viewport during pre-join dynamic loading
Fixed characters being stuck in the T-pose after round cycle
Fixed static meshes in DM-AcidRain improperly disappearing during a split-screen match
Fixed spectator camera going into first-person view in UC Classic mutator
Networking changes:
Fixed user unable to join session with all private slots when joined by accepting a cross-title invite
Fixed clients getting stuck if kicked while precaching the next map
Fixed the inability to activate split-screen after choosing to join a friend's Xbox live match while in split-screen mode, then backing out to the main menu
Fixed a loading freeze that would happen sometimes under extremely bad network situations while joining a server
Fixed a rare problem related to a client sometimes not closing its connection properly
Fixed an extremely rare freeze when transitioning to a new match on the same server
Changed the order client connections are serviced to prevent clients with poor connections from being skipped due to network saturation, which aids lower bandwidth clients when the server is under stress
Major reduction to server outgoing bandwidth, which should reduce lag issues significantly
Tweaked the default client network speed
Miscellaneous fixes:
Fixed radioactive glow not going away on round reset when using the radioactive mutator
Fixed occasional ghost players visible after round change
Fixed Warrior Spirit not showing the proper description when Raiden uses it
Fixed unable to bypass the controller removal message if the second player in split-screen removes their gamepad at the same time that the game travels back to the menus
Updated some localization text

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