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UnrealEngine  Infos zum nächsten UT   Doomh 28.03.2005
text (short)
In einer Ausagabe des amerikanischen Magazines Computer Gaming World ist ein Artikel zum UT 2004 - Nachfolger erschienen, in dem ein Epic Mitarbeiter einige interessante Dinge verlauten lies. Unter anderem enthält er die Ankündigung eines neuen Spielmodus namens Conquest (siehe Show more).

# The next UT will focus on AI, specifically voice-controlled AI.
# As with many UT2004 levels, the layout of maps in the next UT is being finalized before artwork is incorporated.
# The game will feature a global ratings system that will allow clans to compare scores.
# Gametypes include Onslaught, DM, TDM, CTF, and the all-new Conquest mode. No mention of Assault or Domination.
# Further info on the Conquest gametype:

text (long)
* Features eight teams, each with unique armor.
* Conquest maps are "potentially as large as three onslaught maps with assault-like objectives and even a form of limited resource management planned"
* "there may be the option to treat a conquest match like a long term war, so you can play, take a break, and then go back and play more later"
* "you can use your stats to find similarly abled opponents"
* "pre-game lobbies" will be present in some form
* "clan pages and other sites will be able to be viewed from within the game"
* "conquest will take advantage of the UE3 engines ability to seamlessly stream maps by putting you in a battlefield the size of several maps stitched together"
* "players will battle on one of two teams, each sides terriroty will look physically different, as you take a territory it will convert to the otherteams structures and physical surroundings"
* "conquest should appeal to a wider gaming audience and provide a place where longer-term strategy, teamwork, and face-to-face fragging all meet"

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