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UnrealEngine  XIII Q&A   Doomh 12.09.2002
text (short)
Computer and Video Games und The Electric Playground haben eine Q&A mit Gamedesigner Vincent Brajdic und Producer Julien Bares zum kommenden Game XIII gepostet:

The visual style is very unique for an FPS - is it based on the look of the comic?

Brajdic: Not exactly. XIII is a very serious comic, very mature. The look of the game is more fun, cartoonier like TV. We've used the cel-shaded effect firstly to be different from other FPSs and secondly, because it's based on a comic book.

Den Rest gibt es bei Computer and Video Games und The Electric Playground

text (long)
Are you concerned that the cel-shaded look will put off hardened FPS fans?

Brajdic: In fact, it's the first Ubi Soft FPS made in France, so that was an impetus for us to do things differently. We don't have the experience of Quake and Doom, so we thought it would be a good idea to do something different and to make sure people will recognise the product. It's true that some people won't like it, but we think more people will like it.


BJ: The game is a combination of action and stealth, what are some of the cool sneaky things you can do?

JB: You can use what we call the sixth sense or the instinct; while sneaking, you can "see through" walls, you know where the enemies are thanks to some text appearing on-screen, this is like a radar in a way. Another fun thing is sneakily advancing towards an enemy and taking him as a hostage.

BJ: Is the stealth aspect required to complete the game, or can you shoot your way out of trouble?

JB: In most of the missions we give you the choice, if you'd rather go for pure adrenaline you can, but you have to know it is going to be very difficult and very tough. In only two phases of the game pure stealth is required.

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