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UnrealEngine  Offizielle Atari UT2004-Site online!   Dreadnought 19.06.2003
text (short)
ATARI hat jetzt eine Site zu Unreal Tournament 2004 online gestellt. Bisher findet man gerade mal die 3 bekannten Screenshots, die Systemvoraussetzungen und eine Feature-Liste (siehe auch <show more> ) auf der Site... kommt hoffentlich bald noch einiges hinzu.

text (long)
  • Land and air and space based vehicles ? from lightweight attack craft to behemoth tanks
  • New weapons, including Mines, Rocket-propelled grenades, stationary gun turrets and more
  • New Arenas and battlefields ? planet-bound mayhem and the cold vacuum of space
  • Assault mode returns ? you asked for it?here it is!
  • The mighty Skaarj return as a playable race and prepare for the return of the ultimate opponent - Xan Kriegor
  • Demo recording ? record something special and show others who?s got the skills
  • Onslaught mode ? a brand new mode of play that takes warfare to the next level
  • New UI ? clean, mean and lean. This new customizable User Interface gives you a clear picture on the body count.
  • Full support of software rendering for those with lower-end video cards or unreliable drivers
  • Live chat over LAN and Internet with 3D audio (on supported cards), using a microphone and headset (not included with game)
  • A wealth of new textures, static meshes and music ? a field day for mod makers!
  • UnrealTV broadcast system ? allows hundreds of people to log on and watch famous combatants or rival clans duke it out
  • UT2004 will ship over 20 brand new maps along with the original UT2003 maps and the official bonus pack maps. This will allow 2004 owners to jump into any 2003 server and compete!
  • Numerous tweaks and refinements including a completely redesigned user interface (UI) (including the ability for mod makers to design their own UI), unique crosshairs for each weapon, the ability to wield dual assault rifles, improved bot AI and optimized network bandwidth usage and much, much more

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  • Quelle: BeyondUnreal.com
  • comments

     20.06.2003 - hex_50493D33 - gähn   
    wie schon einmal: gähn!
    Was da dazu kommt sollte längst in UT2003 drin sein. Demorecording?uhh so ein tolles feature. Dafür ne neue version? Nein, das gehört jetzt schon rein. Assault, eigene crosshairs etc. ebenfalls.
    Irgednwie fühl ich mich beschissen, Ut2003 gekauft und alles was rein sollte, kommt in was neues. Hoffentlich gibts n update von ut2003 auf 2004.
    Oder ich wart auf Quake4 (was wie's aussoieht ebenfalls nicht so gut wird wie Q3, wie bei UT (UT ist besser wie ut2003)

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