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UnrealEngine  Thief III & Lineage II Previews   lara 22.05.2003
text (short)
Lineage IIEs gibt mal wieder neue Previews zu 2 Unreal engine Game. Gamer's Pulse hat Thief III genauer unter die Lupe genommen und Warcry und Gamespy Lineage II.
Auszüge aus allen Previews gibt es auch bei uns unter SHOW MORE.

text (long)
Auszug aus dem Thief III Preview:

One of the things that I mentioned briefly in the previous article was that guards carry torches. I ran into one of these guards, and though I missed with my two water arrows, I was assured that you can extinguish their torches, but warned that this alerts them and sends them searching for you. Even though I missed, he was still alerted, and having a torch wielding guard searching for you is about ten times scarier than a normal guard. With any other guard, you simply find a shady spot, and hope he doesn't walk into you, and you sneak around dodging him if there's enough shade. This doesn't work out so well if that guard bears a light source. I watched in dismay as my hiding spot slowly diminished, and I dodged behind obstacles and such in an attempt to avoid his line of sight. LoS seems to be implemented very well at this point, as is the lighting effect. Ducking behind a pillar put me in its shadow and out of the sight of the guard.

Auszug aus dem Warcry Lineage II Preview:

Lineage II expands on this but brings not only the graphics up to date (in a way I can't begin to describe using the Unreal Engine) but also the game play and character development.

Building your character is simple and straightforward. You pick your race - elf, dark elf, human, orc or dwarf - your features, your names and then the most BASIC of classes: will you be a warrior or a magic caster?

Auszug aus dem Gamespy Lineage II Preview:

Lineage II takes place in a traditional fantasy setting populated by traditional fantasy races, so you can play a Human, Elf, Dark Elf, Orc, or Dwarf. (Although you can play a female dwarf, which is kind of unusual.) Players will have a great deal of freedom customizing their avatar: There are 45 professions to choose from, which you can determine through play by specializing as you go. The clothing and armor was also suitably varied. During our demo we clicked through several suits of armor and legwear. Each was fantastically detailed with intricate ironwork and reflections. And the different armors weren't just remapped textures; each had its own geometry.

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