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UnrealEngine  Devastation MP Demo am 20. März!   lara 14.03.2003
text (short)
Devastation MP DemoAngesichts des nahen Releases überschlagen sich so langsam die News zu Devastation. Nun wurde für nächste Woche, 20.03.2003, eine Multiplayer Demo angekündigt. Enthalten wird diese 2 der 14 Multiplayer Maps der Vollversion....

text (long)

On March 20, ARUSH Entertainment, Groove Games and Digitalo plan to release a multiplayer demo of the just-finished FPS Devastation. The MP demo will contain two of the maps from the final version of the game, and will showcase Devastation's amazingly detailed levels, beautiful OFX Particles, and real world physics for maximum interactivity with the environment and objects in LAN and net games.

The demo will feature two multiplayer gametypes: Deathmatch, or "Streetwar," in the Embarcadero Depot locale, and Capture the Flag in the abandoned Union Rail Yard locale. Both maps are packed with powerful weapons and interactive objects like the powerful P*Laser and the remote-controlled Rat Drone.

One of the more interesting aspects of Devastation is the physics which can be enabled at the server level, giving players the ability to pick up and throw objects at opponents. Also at the server level is the ability to set up Arcade or Simulation type gameplay, giving players more choice and appealing to fans of both styles of play.

Devastation's MP demo will not be exclusive to any particular site, and you will be able to download it from many major sites and mirrors. So get ready for Devastation on March 20!

To whet your appetite, we've included two brand new screenshots directly from the levels in the demo.

The full game will ship on March 25 with 14 total multiplayer maps, and 22 singleplayer maps, plus a full-featured editor and tools.

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