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UnrealEngine  Unreal Championship Patch Infos   lara 13.01.2003
text (short)
Digital Extremes J.P. Eekels hat sich im offiziellen Infograms Unreal Championship Forum zum Stand des Unreal Championship Patches zu Wort gemeldet:

...Although Unreal Championship can be patched to fix exploits, this is not by all means an easy task. I will not go into detail here other then saying that it is not the same situation like updates for PC based games. I will also go on and say that we do listen to our public and are in fact working hard to make sure that you have an awesome time playing our games...

text (long)
- Exploit: Stats. Yes we know that it was a flimsy solution and that people would of course take advantage of it. Time constraints worked against us here.
With the upcoming patch, first time players against bots will give get a certain amount of points (fairly low). As your skill improves bots will start to give you less and less points. See it as you're leveling up in the game. So at first the bots will give you points so that you're at least ranked enough that you don't have to be ashamed of your skills, later on this will become a very very small amount. At this point you can play all you want against bots instead of real players in an attempt to get your rank higher but that will be an utter waste of time.

- Exploit: Balancing of teams. Again coming from the PC where split screen does not exist which means this code had to be written from scratch over top of the Unreal code, these issues of teams not being balanced in certain situations fell in- between the cracks. This is being worked on as we speak. This has proven to be somewhat hairy but we are cutting it neatly for you guys.

- Exploit: Crazy moves like getting outside of boundaries of maps (you have no idea how long we tried getting out of maps in our attempt to close all holes) and TAG Rifle exploits. These seem logical and do not require further explanation other then these things do suck and will be fixed.

Here is the adjustment list that we are working on. In fixing the exploits, we also got presented with the opportunity to adjust some of the other issues that people had.

- Adjustment: Frame rate issues. Even though we went to great pains to give you the best frame rate possible by redesigning the levels that were shared with UT2003 (not dumbed down!!) among many other things, when there are intense battles with lots of bots on screen things do get a bit hot under the hood. These are consequences that come with a high detailed worlds and stem from the problem that a) the bots are using a fair amount of CPU time. Hey if you want them to be smart they need some CPU time. I see you walking around with just 3 neurons... b) overdraw. This happens when many many particle effects/decals get drawn over and over and over top of each other. Even 2gig machines will bog down when this happens. Together with Anti Aliasing where the scene gets a special treatment to reduce the jagged edges this works even less in your favour. We are planning for players to have an option (a controller key combination) to turn AA off. Plus there are also smaller (but they do help!) optimizations that together will give you a fair amount of boost in your performance.

- Adjustment. Real-time voice control. We are looking into it. Remember that we will not allow the game to be lagging because some guy is spamming the pipe with useless info. If 16 players talk at the same to each other time the bandwidth usage is just massive, hence the implementation of the channels. Again, I am not going into the nightmare technical detail of this problem. .

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