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Mods  Strike Force 1.82   Doomh 15.02.2004
text (short)
Für diejenigen, die immernoch das gute alte UT spielen ist nun eine neue Strike Force - Versionen erschienen. Das Changelog gibt es unter Show more.

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General changes 1.81 -> 1.82:

- Headshotzone included again!
HS Damage caused by a SMG hit: 300% of the base damage
HS Damage caused by an AR hit: 200%
HS Damage caused by pistols 200%
There is maximum distance for headshots, any headshot beyond this distance will be treated as Torso hit
Snipers are instant kill always

- New speedbursting/sprinting system. If heartbeat is low enough an another burst is taken automatically. Walk button ends speedbursting any time wanted
- Delay between two jumps has been increased to 1sec. but jumping is no longer hearbeat limited, so you can even jump with 150HB
- Killed by messages shows used weapon
- Teamsay text is shown in red
- All inventory stations available for both teams (serverside option)
- Muzzleflash is no more shown in 1st person spectating mode
- Aimdot is now shown in spectating mode
- Ammocounter works now in spectator mode
- Unaimed aimdot available. (serverside option)
- The muzzleflash on most of the weapons is more transparent - The UT-announcer has been activated for headshots with the UT-"Killshot"-taunt (its shown to player if HS made by him kills)
- Using weapon not suitable for character's skill causes huge accuracy penalty
- Crusader & Mr.Anarchy have 100hp again and are as fast as Phoenix and Riggs now
- Hitpoints of Sniper chars increased to 115
- Xins and Jim Lee are faster now and their hp been increased to 90hp
- The Glock and the Baretta have been taken out of the game
- The M4 & M16 use the old 1.75 M4 firing sound
- M4 & M16 are now SF-team weapons, AK & AK Silenced Terr weapons
- Remington added to SF team inventory, Mp5Navy moved to Terrorist team inventory
- M203 Nade damage and explosion radius has been increased, BUT the Nade has to dodge 2 times now, and doesn't detonate on impact
- Heartbeat goes down faster when resting
- UT Earthquake class memoryleak fixed, reduces lag in naderain maps
- Weight Penalty removed on Xin/Jim Lee, so you can carry as many Clips as you want
- new ping correction code included, which makes you go faster into aim-mode the higher you ping is
- Supports UTPG440 & 451 in client & serversides, but using em is not recommended as they are more laggy than 436
- In scoreboard "d" next to score indicates player is taking demorec
- Admin cheats fixed: Ghost, fly etc works now
- Adminlogin tries limited to 5 (All login tries are written into server logs with IP & playernick details)


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