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Mods  Spatial Fear: Prologue 1.2   Dreadnought 20.12.2003
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Lang ists her, dass etwas neues zu Spatial Fear: Prologue für UT veröffentlicht wurde. Nun ist die neue Version 1.2 verfügbar. Die Änderungen findet ihr unter <show more>.
Von der Spatial Fear-Site erfährt man außerdem folgendes zur Version 2.0 der Mod:
Now about v2.0. We're still going to release it, but have not set a date. Specifically, it will include the vehicles and new level discussed in earlier news posts plus other things. More on that later.

text (long)
So what's new? A whole load of stuff is new! First of all, the gameplay is way better. There's no real way of telling you about that other than to let you play through and make your own observations. The weapons have been overhauled considerably to make them more powerful and more fun to use. The aliens, too, have been improved. The reaver alien (see news post below) is now in the game as a very formidable enemy. Every alien has been reskinned to give them a better look and feel, one that makes them a hell of a lot scarrier too! The interface has been improved as well, making the whole presentation tighter. Not to mention the new sounds, music, art, and technology that go together to make this release leaps and bounds better than our previous ones.

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