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Editing  Großes Update   JeDiDrAko 26.01.2003
text (short)
.Bei der 2. Weltkriegsmod The Third Reich gibt es jetzt endlich wieder neues zu berichten.
Als erstes fällt jedem wohl auf, dass die Jungs jetzt unter einer neuen URL erreichbar sind. Desweiteren ist auch schon die nächste Version der Mod auf dem Weg zu den Fans. Demnach soll die Version 1.1 jede Menge Neuerungen und Bugfixes enthalten, die ihr unter show more findet.Mit dabei werden dort auch 2 neue Maps sein.

text (long)
Fixed an accesed none in the Steilhandgranate code
Fixed an accessed none in some of the grenade animations
Fixed Server lockup bug
Tweaked the damage on the STG (it was WAY too weak before)
Changed/improved hip firing system
Greatly increased recoil when firing in hip mode as well as decreased accuracy
Changed/improved aim mode system - guns move closer to your face now
Breathing now causes more view shake while standing, larger difference between standing, crouching, and prone
Having damaged arms now causes more view shake
Added new airplane, the Ju87 Stuka (Thanks for the model Threedzone)
Fixed a bug where trigger open timed movers didn't reset (particularly annoying on longest day or navarone when doors would not open in the second round.)
Player is no longer able to jog or run and use aim mode while firing automatic weapons
Added the ü to SS-Schütze and Scharfschütze
Increased bleeding speed. (You actually might need to bandage now)
Grenades drop out of your hands when you die, exploding if they are already primed
Fixed a bunch of accessed nones in the intro level flyby and scoreboard
Scoreboard tweak, location text position fixed
New grenade explosion effects
New/Improved bullet hit effects (smoke/dust puffs)
New explosion effect for airplane bombs
Implemented the server browser speed up

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