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Mods  Team Phalanx Interview   lara 24.10.2002
text (short)
Beim letzten Interview der 4 teiligen Interviewreihe von Unrealism.com war nun das Team Phalanx dran. Team Phalanx ist das Team hinter der UT Singeplayermodifikation Xidia. Und auch hier gibt es unter SHOW MORE einen Auszug. Hinweise zu den anderen 3 Interviews findet ihr übrigends in der UT2K3 Rubrik, da dort Mitglieder von UT2K3 Mods interviewed wurden.

text (long)
How is Xidia Gold different from your previous work on Xidia? what have you improved?
Mr.Prophet: The most significant change is a whole other segment not originally included. The original release was only 8 maps, this Gold edition is basically the original game ( amped) with a mission pack included. The code is also enhanced, as is our HUD. New weapons and enemies appear and replace old enemies. Our code is similiar to Operation Na Pali's(ONP) since we based much of it off that pack's code ( our coder is UsAaR33, who coded both mods) The new game alone is full of fun new stuff, but the original pack should not be overlooked. Alot of it has been fixed up and even new areas have been added.
UsAaR33: The original xidia had very little custom scripts (mostly just actor property changes that Proph or hour made themselves). My programming/coding/scripting allowed for features likethe "drunk effect", changes with weapons, as well as adding some new enemies and a modified CA Rifle (originally from Return to Na Pali, the Unreal I mission pack). While I did use ONP's code as a base, Prophet however insisted that it not be "too-ONPish". For instance, xidia features the modified pulse gun functionality (curvy plasma balls and reflecting beams), but not the improved (IMO) ONP blue pulse gun effects.

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