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Mods  Godz 1.23 veröffentlicht   JeDiDrAko 12.10.2002
text (short)
.Auch wenn UT 2k3 schon eine Weile draußen ist, so hindert das die meisten Mod-Teams nicht daran, ihre Arbeit für Unreal Tournament zu vollenden.
Als gutes Beispiel hat das Team rund um die Modifikation "Godz" eine neue Version veröffentlicht. Diese beinhaltet viele neue Verbesserungen und Neuigkeiten, welche ihr unter show more findet.

text (long)
Falling Damage has been turned off

New character advancement system

New Fighter: Overguard

Players above stage 2 can cause a bolt to reflect when they hit it

New Rift character

Easier to bat away incoming projectiles

Lowered cost of seraph's halo

Seraph's Halo has been improved!

Seraph's halo returns full Qi if owner catches it.

When Toshiro's Tether Strikes a God, the victim can be tethered (like a

Raised Cost of Toshiro's Tether Beam

When gods are soaring, they can fly through tight places

When the player holds the burst key while firing a beam, the beam grows

New special effects

When a god's shield is hit by an HBomb/Qi Ball, they are carried with
the bolt

Improved Bot AI

Changed Saurian's Frostbite into a Seeking attack

More Qi is accumulated during recharging

Issues Fixed since 115:

Players can tether stationary objects (like a portal)

After deselecting the spectator option, a fighter must be selected

If BURST key is held while firing a beam, the collision also widens
(easier to hit opponents)

GODZ now starts at the 'main menu screen'

Bot Configuration Button is easier to select

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