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Mods  Neue DA - Homepage   Doomh 28.08.2002
text (short)
Die Semi - Realistik - Mod Defence Alliance wartet mit einer neuen Homepage auf euch. Neben übersichtlicheren Strukturen und neuem Design gibt es noch etliche neue Sachen die ihr euch ansehen könnt.

Yes that?s right, if you are reading this then i have managed to upload and fix the Defence Alliance website

uhm, there are so many new things. New content and new design are the main changes here!

If you?re looking for downloads then scroll down to "Resources" and click Public Releases. Hopefully the new system will make it a lot easier to browse the site for content

Also we have rearranged the entire site to make content allot more accessible. Such as wallpapers community maps etc we even have a new poll!!! Also a new feature for the site is being able to reply to news comments

The website is not fully 100% working yet and some sections are not finished. Have a good look around

Who will be the first to reply to this comment i wonder?

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