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UnrealEngine  America's Army Inreview   lara 23.08.2002
text (short)
America's Army LogoIGN:AV hat ein Interview mit dem Executive Producer des kostenlosen UnrealEngine Game America's Army(zu dem dem erst gestern ein neues Update rauskam) geführt. Thema dieses Interviews ist natürlich America's Army! Einen kleinen Auszug finder ihr wieder mal unter show more.

text (long)
Action Vault: What makes America's Army stand out from the many other military shooters of the current generation? Who do you see as the kinds of gamer to whom it will appeal most, and why?

Michael Capps: As for what makes it stand out, well, this is the only official Army game. We've been to the bases, operated the weapons, ridden the vehicles, and we've had constant expert review to make sure that the game is as realistic as possible. Second, we've got an attention to detail in our artistic and level content that I've never seen before. Models are clean, levels are crisp, lighting is just exactly like you'd expect. Hats of to our creative director, Alex Mayberry, for taking an already-superb team and coaxing out perfection. Third, we're at the vanguard of the next-generation game engines; our world detail is orders of magnitude higher than most of our competitors. We've got complex indoor spaces, sprawling real-world outdoor areas, and combinations of the two.

Oh, yeah, ArmyOps is completely free. As for the kind of players it attracts, I'd like to think that realism buffs will have a blast. Folks who enjoy team communication and tactics will find that the spaces lend themselves well to coordinated action. People who want a game that really takes advantage of their graphics hardware should give it a try. And, folks who just love first-person action run-and-gun games will enjoy themselves, too. Heck, one of my favorite things to do is to just hide behind a wood wall and be shot at by a SAW gunner. Wood chips flying everywhere, bullets whizzing by, gravel kicked up from the concrete ground - truly visceral.

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