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UT2k3  CliffyB zum aktuellen UT 2003-Status   JeDiDrAko 19.08.2002
text (short)
Nachdem der aktuelle Status von Unreal Tournament 2003 bisher recht ungewiss war, hat sich der Lead Designer Cliff Bleszinski im offiziellen UT2k3 Forum zu Wort gemeldet. Laut ihm ist das Spiel schon nahe der Fertigstellung und es werden nur noch Bugs gefixt.
Den kompletten Forenpost findet ihr unter show more oder direkt im Forum selbst.

text (long)
The objective for us has been to make sure the game feels DONE before we release the demo. That way, we're not fixing things from the demo that we do not already know about.
Botmatches are being tested quite a bit. We want to make sure the AI is challenging without being frustrating.
Ragdoll is being tested everywhere. Must make sure everything has low poly Karma collision assigned to it.
Maps are being set up to run well on lower end cards. We have a bHIGHDETAIL flag we set on actors that are out of view (meshes outside of play, extra particle FX, etc...) and going through all the maps to do this takes time.
Menus are being polished and tweaked. Server browser included.
We just found that a few of the player meshes had their collision cylinders set incorrectly, so headshots were hard to get on these guys (being fixed...)
Redeemer is IN and working. Effect is being tweaked and adjusted.
All weapons are being given "Switch to" sounds.
Bombing run works really well. Debating whether or not some of the goals should require a double jump to get to or not...
James Golding (physics guy) is working his butt off to make sure the Bulldog (vehicle) is in and working properly in network play. (mostly for mod users)
Chad Schoonover is working on taunt animations are being put in for each of the characters. The pelvic thrust shall return!
Final taunts are being put in and localization is being worked on.

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