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Mods  Neues Glock Model bei Primal Discord   Doomh 16.08.2002
text (short)
Auch die Jungs der total Conversion: Primal Discord arbeiten noch. So haben sie ein neues Model der Glock 17 fertigestellt. Nur die Skin fehlt noch, dann wäre es perfekt
Um was es bei dieser Mod generell geht, könnt ihr unter >>Show more<< lesen.

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Primal Discord :: Features

Rainbow Six opened the worlds eyes and minds to realism in games, and blew open the doors of the FPS genre. It provided everyday people with the chance to experience life from within the eyes of a trained member of a Special Forces unit eliminating a hostile threat plaguing society, then Counter-Strike came along and added to the genre making it the most popular theme for First Person Shooters. Now Primal Discord is set to take the genre yet another step. Primal Discord utilizes the new Unreal Warfare game engine which is capable of ultra high poly models and huge, richly detailed worlds, which of course the PD team took advantage of to ensure Primal Discord to be of only the highest quality. So prepare yourself for the most realistic experience seen in a game accompanied by a gripping storyline and get ready to enter the WORLD of PRIMAL DISCORD.

Overview :: Primal Discord aims to be the most realistic game to date, no questions asked. This isn't some semi-realistic deathmatch shooter with guys totting AK47s down by their side who can take 15 rounds from a gun and still jump around like rabbits. No, this is the real thing, from realistic damage to recoil, all the way over to realistic animations and aiming. PD also features bulletproof vests and armor the way they should be, where as if a player is wearing a Level II Kevlar Vest most pistol rounds will just knock the player back a little and 1 rifle round could prove fatal. Jumping has been extracted and replaced with an action/climb feature as seen in R6. With all of its features, a Single Player part coming and with a gripping storyline PD will surely be an enjoyable experience.

Gameplay :: When playing you will need to keep your eyes open because around any corner, any ledge, any roof, any window, basically anywhere you go danger will be lurking in the shadows waiting to strike. You can either join up as 1 of 10 elite members of a Special Forces unit formed to restore order or 1 of 12 highly trained Radicalists set out to make sure the cloning research teams are protected and are uninterrupted so that one day your country will own the largest, most powerful army and be a super power once again. Each team has their own strong and weak points and follows the characteristics as the real groups would as much as possible. Remember, 1 bullet can kill you, and always try to aim for the head as it is a clear kill.

Story :: Primal Discord features an amazing story that could very well be made into a book. Every event is backed up by a cause and effect and has so much detail put into it you will actually be scared at how real this is and wondering why it hasn't happened yet. Illa, ubehagelig and 9mm are currently writing it and adding more events to it as more levels come out.

Buddy System :: Whether it be in MP or SP you will need back up, and the PDBS (Primal Discord Buddy System) is just what you need. What it does during Multiplayer games is determain first how many human players are in the game, then it judges how many AI Partners to distribute. In a game of 2 - 10 players each human player will receive 3 AI Partners making teams of four. In games of 11-13 players each will receive 2 AI Partners making teams of 3. And in game of 14 -20 each player will get 1 AI Partner making for teams of 2. The MAX. number of human players in a game will be 20. The human player gets to choose his Partner's gear and weapons before the match begins.

Customizable Gear and Body :: The player will be able to pick what he does or doesn't want on his gun and what he wants as gear. If the player wants a silencer and a flashlight attachment or a scope and a laser sight then the player will piece his gun together from the weapon menu. No money is used in PD due to the fact that SF members don't buy their guns and the Extremist's weapons are supplied to them. Same with gear. Before every round you will get to choose what type of ammo you use, if there are expected tangos wearing buddy armor different types of bullets will be better. As for the look, the player will be able to customize the head of his character.

Powerful Engine :: Being built upon the engine which UT2003 was developed the PD team can make some of the most detailed looking worlds ever seen in a game, and same for models. All models are modeled after the real thing and are textured so perfectly that you can read the words off of it. Primal Discord will be sure to look like and be one of the nicest looking games out there.

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