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UT2k3  Mark Rein im IRC #2   lara 04.08.2002
text (short)
Mark Rein hat im IRC schon wieder ein paar Fragen zu UT2003 beantwortet. Einen Auszug findet ihr unter show more. Den kommpletten Chatlog unter rechts stehendem Link.

text (long)
<cryton> MarkRein[Epic] --> What kind of stuff has been left out of UT2003 for the initial release that you intend to add thru patches in the future?
<MarkRein[Epic]> Cryton--> Won't know that until it ships!

<[DUK]eXoR> Mark, are custom crosshairs still supported like they were in UT ?
<MarkRein[Epic]> Exor--> I don't know

<RagingSamster> MarkRein[Epic] - do you see televised matches cathing on (being commercially viable) in the US within the next 5 years?
<MarkRein[Epic]> RagingSamster--> Yes I do see televised matches catching on within the next 5 years

<Munkey> Call me a newbie, but there was no key to drop the flag in UT right? Maybe a mod did so but I wasnt big on mods
<MarkRein[Epic]> Munkey--> Not that I'm aware of (key to drop the flag)

<[DUK]eXoR> What happens when the ball is thrown into the lava or slime or something alike ? If it just returns then that could be abused when the ball is near a teams goal and a player from that team get's the ball and throws it into the lava.
<MarkRein[Epic]> Exor--> When the ball is sent somewhere it would die or get stuck then after a certain delay of the ball not moving it regenerates at the original spot on the map where you find the ball

<favus> MarkRein[Epic], you may have missed my question, it was this... is Shane Caudle doing any grahics and levels for ut2k3? I haven't seen any stuff recently that looks like anything he usually does, and his style is one of the things I liked abotu UT
<MarkRein[Epic]> favus--> Yes Shane is working on UT2003. Right now he's doing an AMAZING map!

<Apheleon> mark, what is epic/de doing for ut2k3 in terms of a public competition mode(queues) / votable settings etc
<MarkRein[Epic]> Aph--> UT2003 has voting in it.

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