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UnrealEngine  AA: Sniperupdate draussen   Dreadnought 01.08.2002
text (short)
Das lang erwartete Sniperupdate bzw. Update auf Version 1.1.1. ist nun endlich verfügbar. Das File wiegt immerhin 22,4 mb und bisher ist mir nur FileFront und eXp als Downloadmöglichkeit bekannt... nicht mehr lange und ihr werdet den Patch auch bei ux.de ziehen können.
Unter show more findet ihr die Änderungen, die der Patch mit sich bringt.

Update: Der Patch ist nun auch bei uns erhältlich.

text (long)
The Marksmanship pack takes players to the U.S. Army's Sniper School in Fort Benning, Ga., for training missions. In order to progress to this advanced level, players must qualify as an "Expert" in the Rifle Range single-player mission. In the Army, relatively few Soldiers attain an "Expert" qualification badge, so meeting the requirements to proceed to this level in America's Army is not easy.

After successfully completing their advanced marksmanship training missions, players will be qualified to select this higher-expertise level in online games. Many of the multiplayer missions in America's Army: Operations, including the Insurgent Camp and Bridge maps, that were released in the initial RECON release, include these roles.

The Marksmanship pack and all new content packs will include exciting gameplay enhancements based on recommendations from America's Army's active player community. In America's Army: Operations 1.01b the Army released the server version of America's Army: Operations. Building upon this enhancement, this update will introduce an in-game server browser for finding missions online, the addition of MILES grenades to the MILES laser-tag-like missions, a TeamTalk option, and green-tinted tracers for the RPK (the opposing force version of M249). Continue to look for additional enhancements to the Operations game interface and functionality as the Army incorporates more player recommendations into America's Army.

With regard to game hosting, the Army tripled the number of official Army servers to 125 since it released the RECON version on July 4. Since the release of the server version of America's Army: Operations the number of authenticated gaming community servers increased to 3,031. The Army also restructured the number of required Basic Training missions so that successful completion of one round of the Military Operations in Urban Terrain McKenna training mission is no longer a prerequisite to qualify for online missions. The Army also increased the penalties for Rules of Engagement (ROE) violations. Friendly fire incidents in the players' initial assembly area will result in an immediate virtual visit to a cell in the Fort Leavenworth, Kan., military prison. Friendly fire incidents in which the fired upon friendly player is within line-of-sight (when the crosshair is green) will double penalty points at twice the rate for incidents beyond line-of-sight.

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