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UT2k3  Neues CTF - Punktesystem   Doomh 01.08.2002
text (short)
Im offiziellen Unreal Tournament 2003 Communityforum findet man einen interessanten Thread über das neue Punktesystem beim sehr beliebten Capture The Flag Modus für UT 2003.
I completely redid scoring for CTF.. it's nothing like UT's scoring (which was crappy). But it's one of things I'll be watching when the demo comes out to see how it plays, then make any tweaks that's needed.

From the code as it stands right now and subject to change:

Killing someone = 1 point by default
Killing a critical player (Flag Carrier, etc) = +1 point
Killing someone targeting your flag carrier = +1 point

Den Rest gibt es unter >>Show More<<

text (long)
I currently have it locked so that you get no points for returning a flag within immediate proximity of the flag base. This is to prevert the whoring that happened on maps like Lava Giant where people would intentionally allow you to grab the flag, then kill you.

Returning your flag within your zone = 5 points
Returning your flag within the other team's zone = 3 points
Denying a Capture (returning a flag sitting right next to the other team's flag) = +2 points

Capture points are only awarded when you actual capture the flag:

The guy who first touches the flag = 5 points
The guy who captures the flag = 5 points

Everyone who touches the flag inbetween gets assist points. There is a pool of 20 possible points with any one player getting a maxium of 5 points from the pool. The guy who first touched the flag, will never get an assist (though he can get a cap).

So if you grab the flag, and get it all the way back and capture you get 10 points (5 for first touch, 5 for cap)

If you grab the flag, get killed, someone else grabs it.. get's back you get 10 points, they get 10 points.

If you grab it, get killed, someone else grabs it, get's killed, repeat x3, someone caps.. You get 10 points, everyone else who grabbed it gets 5 points, the person who caps get's 10 points.

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     01.08.2002 - Iron - Klasse ...   
    ... man wird belohnt, wenn man den Flagcarrier beschütz *freuaufTeamplay*

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