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UT2k3  IRC-Chat mit Mark Rein   Dreadnought 31.07.2002
text (short)
Im offiziellen UT2k3-Forum gibts eine IRC-Chatsession mit Epic-Mann Mark Rein zum Nachlesen. Der Eintrag ist ziemlich umfangreich... Mark war so nett und ging auf alle gestellten Fragen ein .
Hier ein kleiner Auszug:

<cryton> Mark --> I heard rumours of a UT2003 christmas release and U2 [Unreal 2] being pushed back into 2003? can you comment on this?

<MarkRein[Epic]> Cryton--> Rubbish

<MarkRein[Epic]> yes the demo is more or less than 2 weeks away

<MarkRein[Epic]> I sure hope the demo will be out within a month!

<MarkRein[Epic]> Demo is 4/5 maps only

Außerdem gab er eine kleine Zusammenfassung zum aktuellen Status von UT 2003 den ihr unter >>Show more<< findet.

text (long)
  • The whole underlying code for the menu system is being redone... which means that weapon priority is broken so you run by sniper rifle and even thoughyou've set it to a low priority it gets picked up and you switch to it -- ANNOYING!
  • There seem to be a lot of little burbs and pauses when new things appear on the screen
  • The minigun alt-fire is still useless and needs to be made stronger
  • You still don't get enough ammo for the default weapon
  • None of the detail settings work (menu related) right now so you turn player shadows off and they're still on (argh!)
  • The alt-fire on the link gun is laggy in low-gravity levels
  • We NEED hud-damage indicators, I still can't tell where I'm getting hit from
  • In one of the BR (Bombing Run) maps both goals appear to be red when one should be blue and one should be red (they still work but colors are messed up)

That's just a small list of little things that need to be fixed still

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