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UT2k3  Warren Marshall zu Special Moves in UT2k3   JeDiDrAko 20.07.2002
text (short)
Auf der Website Planetcrap findet man nun einige Infos zu den Special Moves aus Unreal Tournament 2003. So steht fest, dass man Adrenaline benötigt, um diese auszulösen. Außerdem wird es normale (z. B. Dodging, Double Jumps) und spezielle Special Moves geben.
Einen Auszug aus dem englischen Interview findet ihr- wie sollte es anders sein- unter show more , den kompletten Text, indem ihr auf unseren Link klickt.

text (long)
The special moves are based on adrenaline. You pick up adrenaline from the pickups in the map or from killing opponents (double kills, multi kills, etc). When you get '100' adrenaline points, you can activate a combo (aka special move). The combos can give you speed, extra damage, invisibility, etc. They expire after a short time and then you have to gather more adrenaline to do another one. You can choose which one you want with a combination of tapping your movement keys (that's how it is right now ... I doubt it will change, but you never know) ... combos are 4 keystrokes long and not hard to do at all.
The double jumping is always available and is very useful in firefights. You jump and then at the top of the jump, hit it again. Good for reaching higher spots in the level as well as avoiding rockets and such.

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