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UT2k3  CliffyB zum neuen CTF-Face   JeDiDrAko 16.07.2002
text (short)
Wie es sich gehört, hat CliffyB nun auch Frage und Antwort zu den beiden Screenshots der Neuauflage der populären CTF-Face Map gestanden.
Ihr findet die wichtigsten Äußerungen wie immer unter show more.

text (long)
Text aus dem BeyondUnreal-Forum:

Face will sink or swim this time around on its own merit. We recently playtested it a bunch and we found that the map was too feckin large. Cedric scaled it down and we're gonna give it another go.

Bear in mind that we want the game to be what we feel is DONE before we ship the demo.

Spawn protection will be in and configurable.

>>- how many polys?

50K on up in view at any given point. Remember, the original had 200 or so triangles at any given point in view.

>>- how much time?

Huh? How much time did the map take to build? Cedric has put appx. 2 weeks or so into the map. (and I'm sure he'll correct me tomorrow if I'm wrong if he's read this...)

>>- what program were the structures done in?

A combination of 3dsMAX and UnrealEd. Much of the map has been built using prefabricated architecture with custom pieces.

>>- how exciting is this?

It'll be a lot more fun when we ship the damned game.

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