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Allgemein  Linux und Server Patch   Dreadnought 26.05.2003
text (short)
Für die Server-only-Versionen von UT2003 ist jetzt der Patch auf Version 2225 für Win32 und Linux erschienen. Außerdem kommen jetzt auch Linux-Clients in den Genuss des Patches 2225.
Die Fixes findet ihr unter <show more>

text (long)
UT2003 Server-Only Version 2225

April 23, 2003.

This is a dedicated server only version of UT2003. It contains ucc.exe and the minimum files required to host games for retail UT2003 players. It also contains Epic Bonus Pack 1. You may use it for free provided you agree to the terms in the License.txt file in this archive.

There is no installer for this version. Simply unzip the contents of this archive into a directory on your server.

For your server to appear in the global server list and participate in UT2003 stats, your server needs to be allocated a CD Key. Please visit this website to get your server CD key:


- Epic Games, Inc.


This patch brings the retail version of Unreal Tournament 2003 for GNU/Linux to build 2225. This will patch the game client and the dedicated server from the original version that came on 3 CD-ROM discs, if you are at build 2199. The autoupdater will take care of all of that for you, though. You _DID_ use the autoupdater, didn't you?

This patch will NOT update the the freely-downloadable version of the dedicated server, nor will it update the freely-downloadable demo version. It will also not update the various Win32, MacOS X, or x86-64 versions. This is for 32-bit x86 GNU/Linux and compatible platforms only.


Between 2199 and 2225:

- HTTP redirects should now work.
- Connecting to a passworded server should now work.
- Music volume should adjust more correctly now.
- glViewport() fixes.

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