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Allgemein  Excessive Overkill UT2K3 morgen   Doomh 13.02.2003
text (short)
Nach 2 Monaten harter Arbeit sieht sich [EMC]Clark_Kent jetzt wohl in der Lage, seine Mod schon morgen zu releasen. Genaueres über Excessive Overkill UT2K3 erfahrt ihr unter Show more

text (long)
Rocket and Sheild Jumping
- Rocket fire delay timers for clustering rocket fire
- Improved Teleporter performance
- Dual secondary fire mode for the Pulse rifle
- Super Adreneline Mode (L,R,L,R,)
- Rocket power settings thru the mutator configuration
- The ability to run the game as a MOD or Mutator
- No self damage
- Much faster game play
- Expanded health
- All weapons & ammunition given to you when you spawn

What is UTX? It's a "just for fun" Excessice team league. We have very flexible rules, but no ladders. Just agree to the terms and play for fun! No pressure or stress, just good clean gaming fun. We have 8 servers running different MOD's like EO, EO2k3 & ADR. Fight what u want, when you want how you want. The only things we ask are you show up when you say you will, be respectful of others, be mature (No Cursing) and definately NO CHEATING TOLERATED! We have caught many people cheating before, we are good at spotting it so please play a clean fun game.

Our past histroy of team matches has been excellent because you can't forfeit. Just reschdeule the match. Our "matches played" rate was about 90% of scheduled matches are played cause its just for fun. You can even invite a guest player if you are short handed because our goal is to play the game not climb a rule heavy restrictive ladder. As long as both teams agree the goal is to play the match and have fun and plenty of it! ;-)

UTX will have Hosted Servers running EO2k3 this week and plans to support the new EO-MOD within the league community as well as other MOD's. The UTX EO2k3 servers are listed below:

[UTX]{SLR} Tark's (Portland, OR.)
[UTX]EMC Practice server (Western Canada)
[UTX]The Village (Orlando, FLA.)

To join a UTX team e-mail the webadmin or [EMC]Clark Kent - [EMC]Clark Kent



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     14.02.2003 - ryu - Ich bin gespannt...   
    Mal schauen ob es so gut wie UT EO sein wird. Das jetzt UTX mit MadNad zusammenarbeiten...

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