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Mods  Unreal: Conflict Screenshots   lara 10.02.2003
text (short)
I N F I N I T E G A M E S hat 4 neue Screenshots der kommenden Unreal Tournament 2003 TotalConversion Unreal: Conflict veröffentlicht. Das Team sucht auch noch Mapper und Modeler zu Verstärkung. Interessierte sollten sich hier phear@infinitegames.co.uk melden.

text (long)
So what's Unreal: Conflict all about anyway you say?:

Unreal: Conflict is a total conversion for Unreal Tournament 2003, building on, while expanding and enhancing, the teamplay oriented gameplay in an objective based gaming environment as introduced in Epic Games 1999 release Unreal Tournament's Assault mode. Key gameplay elements implemented so far include:

- A massive array of futuristic weapons, including new weapons and modified variants of the tournament weapons.

- Multiple races with race specific characteristics, weapons and equipment.

- Scores of different objective types including: touch/trigger,
shoot/destroy, lock & key (and other variants based around taking an item to a location) and more including team play based objectives.

- Fully customisable loadout, with multiple configurations and save
options.Choose your loadout (Weapons, Armor, Equipment) from the items available and save your configuarations for later. Store multiple
configuations for different levels, race, tactics or just one for each day
of the week. Change your configuration mid game (with restrictions) based on your opponents tactics.

- Level specific Loadout Availability. Each level will have its own list of available items, with some being available only in limited numbers, and some items being totally unavailable. Use items with care, for once they are gone, there is no more.

- Moveable Spawn Points. Portable Regeneration Devices (PRD's) allow teams to choose their spawn locations. Fight the enemy back and advance forward by placing your PRD's. But place them carefully, or the enemy will destroy them with ease!

- Choose from a selection of equipment items, from cameras, to drones, scanners to PRD's, and more...

- Navigate futuristic vehicles over massive alien terrains.

- Dynamic Enveloping Levels. Designed to take advantage off all the features of Unreal: Conflict and the powerful Unreal Engine, each level will emerse the teams in a dynamic battlefield scenario.

- Sub divided levels and dynamic team roles. Some levels will be sub divided into stages, adding pace and flow to games and in some cases objectives will be assigned to different teams, no longer will the typical Attacker and Defender roles always apply, teams may be required to do both.

- No two games the same. With a massive array of weapons and equipment, dynamic gameplay and constantly moveing spawn locations no two games will ever play the same. Fixed tactics will be a thing of the past, adapt to the enemy strategy, or lose.

For more information, please visit our website @

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