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Allgemein  Chatlog mit Mark Rein   JeDiDrAko 10.09.2002
text (short)
Nachdem jetzt ja die Unreal Tournament 2003 Demo diese Woche rauskommen soll (bitte, bitte bitte! ) haben ein paar Fans Mark Rein im IRC abpassen und ein paar Fragen stellen können. Die wichtigsten Erkenntnisse sind, dass die Demo 4 Maps beinhalten wird, 1 Model, nicht alle Waffen (d.h. keine Superwaffen) dabei sind und das hauseigene Statistikensystem mitgeliefert wird.
Denn unter 100 MB großen Download wird man dann im Laufe der Woche runterladen dürfen.
Wie immer gibts unter show more die komplette Version.

text (long)
MarkRein[Epic]: It's very possible it could be ready as early as today or as late as Friday

[wM]MaD-X: MarkRein[Epic]: whats left to be done with the demo?
MarkRein[Epic]: Mad-x--> well right now loading times have spiked for some reason and I think that's getting a bunch of attention

GIdenJoe: MarkRein[Epic] do you have precise info about the size of the demo build now?
MarkRein[Epic]: GIdenJoe--> The demo is just under 100Mb zipped

[MAAS]-Eric: MarkRein[Epic] ---> How are the radeon 9700's handling Ut2k3?
MarkRein[Epic]: Maas--> just fine

phemom: MarkRein[Epic]: any kind of stats in the demo?
MarkRein[Epic]: phenom--> yes stats system is in the demo

phenom MarkRein[Epic]: possibility demo today ?
MarkRein[Epic]: phenom--> It is possible the demo could come out today but it's a low degree of possibility

MarkRein[Epic]: Dope--> That depends on the feedback but I would be surprised if we released another demo before we go gold

MarkRein[Epic]: Balton--> 4 maps: 2 DM, 1 CTF, 1 BR (Bombing Run)

MarkRein[Epic]: Sorcerer--> The full game isn't done yet but this is a very important step toward getting it done.

MarkRein[Epic]: Dopefish--> Only 1 model in the demo. That was the only way to keep it under 100Mb.

phenom: MarkRein[Epic]: will all the weapons be in the demo or will it be like ut demo ?
MarkRein[Epic]: Phenom--> No the demo won't have all the weapons.

MarkRein[Epic]: Phenom--> It has all the weapons that are in the maps we're releasing with the exception of the super weapons (redeemer, ion cannon)

MarkRein[Epic]: Dopefish--> I'm pretty sure they're the full maps from the game but don't hold me to that.

phenom: MarkRein[Epic]: you guys gonna get ut2 final out by oct. 7th so we can get it in cpl ?
MarkRein[Epic]: phenom--> We hope so.

phenom: MarkRein[Epic]: did you guys fix the shock rifle this time?
MarkRein[Epic]: phenom--> play the demo and then you tell me if we did or not

CAT]Steel: MarkRein[Epic] have u already started to translate the game to Spanish?
MarkRein[Epic]: Steel--> Yes. French, Italian, German, Spanish. Mandarin Chinese and Korean are in the works.

MarkRein[Epic]: Guys, I gotta run and get some work done!

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