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Linux  UT 2003 auf Linux   JeDiDrAko 10.09.2002
text (short)
Nachdem es bei der Ankündigung eines Linuxports für Unreal Tournament 2003 zu einigen kleinen Verwirrungen kam, hat Mark Rein persönlich einige häufig gestellte Fragen beantwortet.
Diese sind bei uns unter show more oder unter dem Link rechts zu finden.

text (long)
I just wanted to clarify a few things:

Linux client will be ready to go with the demo. It will be in a separate download and have its own installer.

Linux server will be ready to go with the demo.

If space permits then we hope to put the Linux binaries and an end-user installer on the CD. We have already approved all the packaging so it won't be mentioned regardless of whether it make it in or not. There will be a Linux readme file that describes how to install the game on Linux and covers potential issues users are likely to see. But note: like the Unreal Editor and the tools we ship with the game, Linux is not officially supported so there won't be any tech support for it from Infogrames.

We're working with ATI to see if we can get ATI support under Linux but there is a commercial (i.e. you pay for it) ATI OpenGL driver for Linux that includes texture compression and we might be able to support that but no promises.

Here are the answers to some questions I've been asked:

"Why did Epic waste time supporting Linux?" - it is NOT a waste of time. It is absolutely crucial to have Linux support for the server and seeing as we found a very competent programmer (Ryan C. Gordon) to take on the client side job we decided to go full steam ahead with the client as well. We were already going to have to do OpenGL support for the Mac version so it made sense. Linux support has not impacted the development of the core game in any way. There was never any specific plan to release a Linux client at the same time as the Windows client ships but the timing just worked out that way. I wish we had known earlier because I would have liked to indicate the game is Linux-compatible on the box like we did with the original UT. But at least we'll have the support in the game and that's what really counts.

"I'm a Windows XP user - why should I care about whether there are Linux versions or not?" You should care because we estimate that about half the servers for UT are currently run under Linux. This is why I said it was "crucial" to have Linux support for UT2003 on the server side and personally I think that if we're taking advantage of an OS for the server then we should have a client implementation as well. I played UT2003 on a Linux system the other day and it rocked. It feels the same as the Windows version in terms of performance and robustness. Linux users will enjoy the game and all users (Windows/Mac/Linux) will enjoy having more servers to play on. Linux support in UT2003 is a win-win for everyone.

"Any idea how long the Mac port will take?" We won't know that until after the PC version of the game ships but we're hoping to have it in stores in time for Christmas.

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