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Allgemein  MSU Gewinner!   lara 12.05.2004
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Nun stehen auch die Gewinner der zweiten Phase des Make Something Unreal Contests fest.

Best FPS Mod: Red Orchestra
Best Non-FPS Mod: UnWheel Version 2
Best Real-Time Movie: Infection
Best Level: DM-Hardcore-BE (Version 2)
Best Level Using Original Content: DM-CBP-Arkanos[Final]
Best Mutator: Satore Monster Pack
Best Model: Eon
Best Voice Pack or Audio Modification: Red Orchestra
Best Vehicle: UnWheel Version 2
Best Tool: Map Mixer
Best Use of Karma Physics: UnWheel Version 2
Best Gametype: Freeze Match

Die weiteren Platzierungen siehe SHOW MORE.

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Best FPS Mod

Red Orchestra 1st Place
Troopers: Dawn of Destiny 2nd Place
LawDogs 3rd Place
Infection 4th Place
Frag.Ops 5th Place

Best Non-FPS Mod

UnWheel Version 2 1st Place
Deathball 2nd Place
AirBuccaneers (Beta 2.1) 3rd Place
Clockwork Cannons 4th Place
Marble Mania 2003 5th Place

Best Real-Time Movie

Infection 1st Place
EG Intro Movie 2nd Place
Showdown 3rd Place
Unreal Films: Eternal Combat 4th Place

Best Level

DM-Hardcore-BE (Version 2) 1st Place
DM-CBP-Ougaldwin 2nd Place
CTF-CBP-Concentrate 3rd Place
CTF-Derelict 4th Place
CTF-GardenOfHeaven101 5th Place

Best Level Using Original Content

DM-CBP-Arkanos[Final] 1st Place
DM-Ancestral 2nd Place
Animal Kingdon Version2 3rd Place
DM Sae 4th Place
DM-1on1-Rivalry 5th Place

Best Mutator

Satore Monster Pack 1st Place
Mr. Pants 'Excessive Overkill' Release 2 2nd Place
Remote Strike Weapon Mod 3rd Place
Weapons of Evil (beta 3b) 4th Place
Systemic 5th Place

Best Model

Eon 1st Place
Dom 2nd Place
NeverSleep Bugs 3rd Place
Mudrock 4th Place

Best Voice Pack or Audio Modification

Red Orchestra 1st Place
Infection 2nd Place
Clockwork Cannons 3rd Place
ChaosUT2: Evolution 4th Place

Best Vehicle

UnWheel Version 2 1st Place
Anomaly 2nd Place
Conquest Marines 3rd Place
Clockwork Cannons 4th Place
Air Buccaneers (Beta 2.1) 5th Place

Best Tool

Map Mixer 1st Place
Slaq's GameControl 2nd Place
WOTgreal 3rd Place
UT Cache Cleaner 4th Place

Best Use of Karma Physics

UnWheel Version 2 1st Place
Marble Mania 2003 2nd Place
Anomaly 3rd Place
Karma'ed 4th Place
Law Dogs 5th Place

Best Gametype

Freeze Match 1st Place
Seismic CTF 2nd Place
Riftwar 3rd Place
Flag Domination 4th Place
Rocketeer 5th Place

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