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Mods  TTM 2.3   Doomh 04.08.2003
text (short)
Die beliebte Mod ist nun in der Version 2.3 erhältlich:
* (fix) centered weapon is now supported correctly
* (chg) TTM's automatic server-side demo recording feature now supports %n (for names of all players)
* (fix) brightskins now work fine when spectating a game -- colors set for red and blue are used (not on team/enemy basis since the viewer is not on any team)
* (fix) strange 'Boksha crash' (when burnt and skeletized) fixed
* (fix) 'out of bounds' warning in some cases when trying to access the Skins array after thepawn has been skeletized
* (fix) all player skins no longer forced to blue in DM when brightskins off
* (fix) link, lightning and shock hit fx are now displayed onto brightskins
* (fix) on map change/restart any TTM's window closes automatically
* (fix) fixed bug: linkgun still didn't make players bright-white-green sometimes
* (fix) fixed bug: when with Labalaba clantag extractor (%c in auto demo recording (fix) TTM's warmup doesn't has impact on Epic stats and on El Muerte's LocalStats) messed up team 0 - generally "unknown" as result
* (fix) TTM's warmup doesn't has impact on Epic stats and on El Muerte's LocalStats
* (fix) fixed bug: when there's a max lives set, like in LMS, but also in DM, the warmup ends in the end of the match after one of the players loses all his lives.
* (fix) 'duplicated last map in map voting window' bug fixed
* (fix) propagated maps list is now 75 items max
* (fix) fixed some incompatibility issues with some other GameRules based mutators (outdated declaration of NetDamage function)
* (fix) fixed typo in voting participation window

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