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Interviews  Ein Interview mit den Atlantis-Machern(eng)   JeDiDrAko 08.09.2002 

JeDiDrAko: Plz tell us who are you and what are you doing?

jackoneill: I'm jackoneill, leader of the atlantis team. My work in the team is mainly managing, but also coding and skinning.
Eagle_One: Im Sami "Eagle One" Alayoubi, one of the mappers of the atlantis team. I stick to mapping.
Calva: I'm Simon Calva Vennekens, Beta tester and forum spammer.
Domox: I'm Domox, 2d/3d Concept Artist, I create all the alien weaponry. I also do some texture work and logos n stuff.
Anubis2k: Im Anubis Lead 3D Artist, I create the 3d models and help the other 3d artists and there work.

JeDiDrAko: Ok, what is the "Atlantis: The Fight For Earth" Mod about?

jackoneill: Atlantis is aimed to bring the player into a global conflict between two civilisations (humans and Atlanteans).
Domox: It takes place on and around earth, in a world where most of the major cities are destroyed, and a great part of the world's population is dead, so ruins and wreckage are covering an important part of the planet. It all takes place in the Year 2006.
jackoneill: The player can choose between two sides : humans or atlanteans. The human player is a member of the "griffin force" and the atlantean one is a soldier in the Atlantean invasion.
Domox: Griffin: An elite team of military specialists created from people all over the world. Aimed at ousting the Atlanteans.

JeDiDrAko: What inspired you to make this mod?

Eagle_One: Our love for Stargate
jackoneill: At the beginning, we were working on a Stargate mod for UT. But we had to stop because of copyright.
Calva: thx to mgm.
jackoneill: So, we decided not to stop our work, and creating an original storyline. We created the baseline of Atlantis on ancient theories and myths. We find that it would be interesting to imagine what could have been Atlantis, sauced up with SF theories.
Domox: The things we can do with a story like this are phenominal.
jackoneill: Stargate gave us many ideas of how could occur the discover of other lifeforms in the universe. So, you can say it is a great inspiration source
Domox: But as of now, we have nothing similar to SG
Eagle_One: And the possibilities for maps are endless with this setting

JeDiDrAko: Which engine are you going to use for the modification? Why?

jackoneill: Atlantis has started on the UT engine. It was the engine we were using for the Stargate modification. We're now working on UT 2003. Well, we're waiting for it ! We've done this choice because the Ut engine is now limited.
Domox: The old UT engine was indeed a big limiter.
jackoneill: And the new engine will give us the ability to do what we really aim.
Domox: I like the fact that this engine, gives our crew the ability to bring to life just about ANY thing i can conceptualize.
Eagle_One: The UT 2003 engine, its extremely versatile and the things you can do with it is amazing. Complex terrain, vehicular support, its mapping heaven. The particle effects for the engine are amazing ! And I love how the terrain can be complex, manipulated, look outstanding, and runs nicely.

JeDiDrAko: You are planning to release the mod for UT 2003. Do you receive help from epic?

Domox: Epic is going to great lengths to encourage the mod community.
Eagle_One: The tools they release to the Mod community is in a way helping us, as well as everyone.
Calva: There are a lot of ut2k3 mods. But I'm sure epic will support the community.
Domox: I cant wait for their Dev webpage to open.

JeDiDrAko: You mentioned above that Ut 2003 is going to support vehicles. Can we see some vehicles in your mod?

jackoneill: The question is in work. We need to see what would be the result in term of gameplay and if it can be a way to emphasize it. It's not necessary to add vehicules only to add a feature. But if it can bring new game situations, we won't hesitate to do vehicles
Calva: we are not sure yet, I don't think for the 1ste release. But I hope we cann add them later.
Domox: I have some vehicle sketches but we havent decided yet.
Eagle_One: Gameplay is the big factor that would determine if vehicles would be included.

JeDiDrAko: How far are you with the development? What are you doing at the moment?

jackoneill: For the moment, we're working on everything we can. Since we've not the engine, we can only work in determined areas like modelling, animating and planning.
Calva: atm we are plannig eveything, making the gametype *perfect*, design atlantean stuff, making the stoy etc etc
Domox: We are finalizing a story, and conceptualizing maps, expiramenting with maps, modeling human weapons, and working on a few Atlantean weapons. The Atlantean weapons are gonna be unique and a blast to play with. No pun intentended. We also have some promo materials comin down the pipe, to get the community involved.
Eagle_One: Right now were experimenting with the XIII editor that will be close to UT2003's editor, mainly for terrain editing and alpha mapping. Well the mappers are doing that ! And perfecting the gameplay has been the biggest issue were working with.

JeDiDrAko: What Gamemodes do you plan to include?

jackoneill: our goal isn't to propose several gamemodes. We would like to propose you our vision of action games. John Carmak told one day that video games are very close to cinema. We agree with him on that point. We wondered a long time on how we could perform that with a multiplayer experience. The storyline is something very important to us, and it has to be present even for a mp mod.
Domox: the gameplay is gonna be used to help fully realize the story.
Calva: we are planning one major gametype.
jackoneill: That's why we've decided to do only one gamemode. It is called "mission" since it's based on missions !
Domox: it is gonna be a squad based, goal oriented game style. Fast paced, it is gonna be like playing in an action movie.
jackoneill: how does it work ? Missions (maps) are all related with the story events. The two sides will have to fight in order to take advantage in the global conflict. In order to accomplish the mission, a team will have to do objectives while the other will have to impech the objectives.
jackoneill: Objectives will be very different and precise. You'll can find common ones like destroying a target or rescuing hostages. But we want to new and interesting objectives such as holding a place waiting for reinforcements, escaping from a jail, stealing documents, hacking devices, assaulting builings and so on. We'll try to have as much objectives as possible.
Domox: Our big thing is to not have ANY of the things we dislike in games we have all played before.
Eagle_One: And we want to promote a team based oriented style of gameplay, a TRUE sense of teamwork.
Domox: The big thing is, it has to be fun, and addictive. And we are working hard to bring that out.

JeDiDrAko: What are the mainthemes of the maps? Will they include much details? Do you've got already some sketches from them? Or something like a first version, made in the old unrealed?

jackoneill: Maps will takes place all over the planet, but also on other planets.the storyline allow us to have very different situations.
Domox: I am curently working on Map sketches, some will be in destroyed cities, some will be at Griffin installations the world over. Some will be in the woods, some will be in Atlantean bases.
jackoneill: Another important point on maps is immersion and interactivity. The new engine allow mappers to get into details and do very detailled maps. and thx to Karma engine, we'll be able to code different behaviour for objects in order to have mmore interactivity. Immersion is really something on which we'll work hard.
Eagle_One: The main themes of the maps include many things, such as destroyed cities, foreign alien planets, futuristic tech centers, abondened military bases, anything that would fit into the story
Domox: I have faith that our mappers will create awesome renditions, and will get as detailed as they can.
Eagle_One: i am gonna make more map conceptions and post them.
Domox: One nice thing with UT2k3, modellers become an important facet of map design do to static meshes. So our modellers and mappers can combine their talent to make some real cool stuff never eventhought of for a game.

JeDiDrAko: What are your intentions for the Weapon - and Charactermodelling? How many Weapons and Charactermodels are planned?

jackoneill: The mod feature two teams : humans and atlanteans. As both sides are very different, they will have a different arsenal. First, humans will have real human weapons. you may know most of them.
Calva: we haven't planned playermodels for the first release, the ut2k3 models being really cool.. there are human and alien models. To make them again is a _waste_ of our time.
jackoneill: We'll start working on player models when the basic things will be done.
Calva: for the weapon models: we planned 10 weapons for each side, 10 human weapons (mp5's, desert eagle etc) and new unique weapons for the atlanteans.
Anubis2k: ok well, the human weapons contain a lot of detailed work in them to give off a as realistic impression you can get while immerged playing the game, plus they are newer type weapons that could be used in the near future. For the atlantian weapons our concept artist Domox is doing a fantastic job of creating them, but to even think of the ideas are mind boggoling
Domox: It is fun as heck to make up weapons for the Atlanteans.
jackoneill: we're working hard on them in order to have interesting weapon for Atlanteans. Humans ones are well known and our main work on them will be to code good behaviours. On that point you can be sure that they will rock (our lead coder isn't here but he would have samethe same)!
Anubis2k: I'm reseaching the weapons as much as possible before creating them, which enables myself to do the best attempt I can do.
Domox: We have quite a few more to create. And very few of them are gonna be conventional weapons as we would call them. It will change they way you fight as the Atlanteans.
jackoneill: The difference between the two arsenal will give a great difference between the two sides.

JeDiDrAko: Do you want to add something? Something special what you want to tell your fans out there?

jackoneill: I just would like to add that we're working hard to propose them a different experience. We really hope that they'll like it.
Domox: I would just like to add we are working hard to bring our fans a unique gaming experience. And as soon as UT 2003 is released, we will definately become more active.
Calva: And don't forgot to visit our forums some times
Eagle_One: Our maps will definetely be remembered, I promise that they will be unique ;-)
Domox: thnx for the interview.
jackOneill: Thx you all mates for being there, and thank you too JeDiDrAko for the iview.
JeDiDrAko: yes, thanks from me for that exciting interview, too.

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